Leggings With Variety

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I know that leggings have been the trend for… pretty much the last decade (or more). I have seen so many posts on social media of people flaunting their leggings yet a lot of the pictures have no flair because… (insert drum roll). There are no exciting patterns or colors. The most popular color for leggings, from my observations, is black. Black is beautiful and goes with everything, but I want to see variety!

With this in mind, I began my search for cute leggings that I could pair with some of the skirts or to wear along with a cute top. Some brands were far out of my price range, and since I am all about that budget life, I kept searching. After a few hours, lo and behold! Buskins to the rescue!

Buskins is a fabulous apparel company specializing in comfortable leggings and accessories like headbands (called “Buskins Bands”). The patterns are all creative and cute, plus they are guaranteed to capture attention when you walk out of your house. There are several options as far as demographics and sizes; there are leggings for baby/toddlers, kids, women and soon, men. They even show love to women who don’t fit into the “normal” category (I don’t believe in “Normal” sizes or appearance). Affectionately dubbed “Pluskins”, this line of leggings starts at size 14 and the patterns are still the same as the others listed on the site.


I love the inclusive nature of the brand and definitely recommend them. Most of the leggings are under $20, whereas other brands may charge more than that. This brand is definitely budget friendly and produces quality products. Oh, and for those who adore receiving boxes in the mail, check out their Legging of the Month club.

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Buskins Corp

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