I Beg Your Pardon?

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I recently stumbled upon the beauty app Hush and it is a great place to shop for makeup and skincare products for affordable prices. The products have great quality and the app has deals on products every day.

I am somewhat of an eyeshadow palette fanatic. The endless possibilities for gorgeous looks yet the prices can stop anyone in their tracks. Some of the most popular palettes come from brands like Huda Beauty, Urban Decay, or Too Faced. However, not everyone wants to or can afford to purchase expensive makeup simply for the bragging rights. Some people that I know often purchase expensive items just to brag to other people.

I am all about a bargain and I feel that Hush is one of the best ways to save money for any cosmetics you are craving. Now let’s talk “dupes.” Dupes are basically copy-cat versions of different products so today we shall discuss the best dupes of high-end brand eyeshadow palettes.

                               Dupe                                                                        Original
Bad Habit Aphrodite palette $14
Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette $65
Bad Habit Retro Love $12
Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture $42
Bad Habit Royals palette $10
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance $42
Bad Habit Inferno palette $12
Urban Decay Naked Heat $54
Face Candy Sugar palette $10
Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette $49
Bad Habit Athena $14
Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette $65
Face Candy Sahara palette $12
Kylie Cosmetics The Nice Palette $44
Face Candy Amazonia palette $12
Kylie Cosmetics The Naughty Palette $44
The dupes (Bad Habit, Face Candy) are often called out for the amount of shadow fallout because they are really pigmented and not as pressed as the originals. Another con of the dupes really comes from your own viewpoint. If you view dupes as plagiarized products of high-end brands, remember that fashion and beauty ideas are often replicated and no one truly “owns” the colors they put into palettes.
For people who view dupes as the gateway to saving money for other things, join the club. I personally prefer dupes only because of the price points. Everyday I wish that I had the money to buy from high-end brands but again, dupes serve the exact same purpose; achieving beautiful eye looks but at a cheaper cost.
Aphrodite vs Rose Gold ($51 difference)

Retro Love vs Subculture ($32 difference)


Royals vs Modern Renaissance ($32 difference)
Inferno vs Naked Heat ($42 difference)
Sugar vs Sweet Peach ($39 difference)
Athena vs Desert Dusk ($51 difference)
Sahara vs The Nice Palette ($32 difference)
Amazonia vs The Naughty Palette ($32 difference)
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Photo Credits:
Bad Habit and Face Candy palettes (Shophush website)
Huda Beauty palettes (website)
Urban Decay Naked Heat (website)
Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes (website)
Kylie Cosmetics palettes (website)
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