Influencer of the Week: Hollife

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Kicking off the newest series here on The Trendy Wallet is British beauty youtuber Holly Robinson a.k.a Hollife (pronounced like holl-a-fay). Boasting 4.8k followers on her channel, Holly creates videos in which she reviews products, does  clothing and makeup hauls, and a couple organization videos. There are some “serious” videos, such as the video in which she questions whether we can trust influencers. The dedication put into the content is definitely on display in her videos as well as on her blog.
I watch her videos once I get the notification (#notificationsquad) and enjoy them because she gives quite honest reviews of products used on her channel. Check out the video “I Heart Revolution Chocolate Palettes Best to Worst!” where she ranks all of Chocolate palettes after months of planning. Holly also demonstrates the product through swatches and tutorials, which I have found helpful when I was looking at a few Makeup Revolution products.

Along with her Youtube channel, Holly has a blog called Honestly, Holly on which she posts reviews, a monthly edit, and some lifestyle posts. It is actually updated regularly, which some bloggers turned outubers don’t bother to do… Anyway, you can check out the blog here.

Make sure to check out Holly’s channel and you can also find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Every week a new influencer will be featured here on The Trendy Wallet so subscribe for more content!

*I do not own the videos posted here; everything belongs to Hollife and simply posted here for reference*

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