Influencer of the Week: Shae E

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Otherwise known as ThatGirlShaexo on Youtube, Shae is a pro MUA turned beauty vlogger. Hailing from New Jersey, Shae creates tutorials, does product reviews, and in an innovative move for unique content, she live swatches products, most prominently from Colourpop.

I love watching her videos because she has that friendly, girl-next-door vibe where she talks about her life with her subscribers but doesn’t reveal anything too personal. In other words, Shae would be that friend in real life that you turn to in a crisis because she doesn’t judge you and she actually listens.
Currently she has 346k subscribers, but she could reach 350k by the end of this (fingers crossed). I love her honesty and courage to be herself though there are detractors in the comments. Check out Shae’s live swatch of the Bretman Rock x Colourpop collab and subscribe to her channel!

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