Influencer of the Week: Mai Yang

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Known on Instagram as mmaiohmmai, Mai Yang is a popular beauty influencer mainly focusing on creating beauty tutorials/videos for Instagram. She first caught my attention during a video in which she was using an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette and created a gorgeous look. I watched a few other tutorials and I began to follow her work. She seems like a lovely person, working an office job during the day in San Francisco and working at home as an IG beauty influencer and all day, every day as a mom to her three girls.
Obviously I can’t link one of Mai’s videos here on the blog but I am leaving her IG just in case you want to be mesmerized. I swear, her eyebrows are always perfect. If you struggle with drawing in your brows, or you need ideas for what colors look good together in an eyeshadow look, give Mai a try (Oh, that rhymes!)
Let me know in the comments: do you think IG or Youtube is better in order to truly be an influencer?
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*Photo belongs to Mai!!*

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