Month: November 2018

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: November 7-15, 2018

Interrupting your holiday product forecast to bring you product launches that feature glitter and fun colors! I love the holidays but honestly I’m glad that most brands are still focusing on other themes or concepts. I know you’re curious so let’s get on to the launches.

Holiday Collections of 2018 (Part 2)

I’m back with even more holiday products from some of our favorite drugstore brands! If you have not read part 1, I recommend that you check that article first. Ready… Set… Go! Ardell: (Ulta stores or online) Demi Wispies Natural Multipack $12 (4 pairs)    Lash Multipack Wispies $12 (4 pairs) Magnetic Lash Accent #001 $14

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Influencer of the Week: Kolorful Kalmele

This week’s influencer is someone with a small following but creates quality content. Kolorful Kalmele is a Youtuber with decent views for her videos though she deserves a lot more credit for her talent and honesty. Beyond tutorials, Kalmele gives a no-holds-barred review of palettes; for example, she discussed the lack of pigmentation of one

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Newbie Alert

There’s a new indie brand coming to town on November 6th. Mavie Cosmetics has sent out PR to several influencers, leading the hashtag #CallMeMavie while sharing pictures of their products via their Instastories. Starting out with six eyeshadow palettes, two eyeshadow quads, and several lipsticks, Mavie Cosmetics is here to slay. With a message about

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Mini Launch Roundup (October 26-November 1)

This format is a little different from the usual cosmetic launch roundups because most of the brands have either released their products or are preparing to release things outside of the 2-week range I usually write about. So the mini roundup will be everything launched the last week of October to the 1st of November.

Holiday Collections of 2018 (Part 1)

So many brands, so many products. I’m here to make things somewhat easier with a comprehensive list of our favorite affordable brands and their holiday collections. Note: this list is for makeup only. I’ll do a separate post on bath, fragrances, and skincare later. Morphe: (Online, Ulta, Morphe Stores) 15T and 15S palettes $16 each          

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