Where Have I Been?

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To keep things quick, I just finished summer courses on July 28th, but my personal life took a hit in the spring and subsequently, I have been battling adjustment disorder with anxiety and depression. I felt bad that I wasn’t posting content to this blog but I had and have to take care of my mental health to care for my son before committing my time to this makeup journey. 

I did post looks on my personal IG (@ajmonique8) and updated a couple of pages here on The Trendy Wallet, but with things improving and having time to write and film, you will definitely be seeing (and reading) a lot more from me. 

Thank you for reading my little blog; I check my stats and people still read my articles. This just reminds me of how much I love writing and sharing my favorite brands and products with you. I am catching up with all my posts for July so be sure to follow the blog for notifications.

One last thing: don’t be afraid to take a mental break to sort out your personal life.


Love from AJ ❤️

(Check the LOTDs page to see my various looks during my hiatus)


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