Triple The Palettes

I absolutely love the brand Essence because the products are of good quality and cost less than a meal at my favorite restaurant. I always look forward to their new products because they have found a niche but always seem to make the next collection even more astounding.

Launches of August 8th and 9th

Today (August 8th) BH Cosmetics launched their Take Me Back to Brazil: Rio Edition palette. The sister palette to their wildly popular palette of the same name (minus the Rio edition part), this Rio Edition contains all shimmer shades. The layout is exactly the same and honestly, I am not […]

E’tae For Everyone

If you have not heard of E’tae you have been missing out! I first heard of this hair brand about two years ago and after watching several videos of the products being used, I became intrigued. Learning that the products help transition women from relaxed (use of chemical products) to […]

Rise of Indie Brands: Part 2

I’m back with another article devoted to indie brands!! (cue applause) Since I got a few responses from the last article, I figured a sequel was in order. Now most of these were either recommended to me through comments/emails or through my random Instagram scrolls. One thing to note: Tattoo […]

High-End Brand Wish list

Now my “high-end” wish list is simply that: a wish list. I am constantly looking for deals and I’m sorry, the money that people spend on some brands gives me a headache. However, if I were to receive these items as samples or a generous person gifted them to me, […]

Beauty Bucket List: 20’s

I celebrated my birthday (July 8) and I realized that there are several beauty treatments and products that I have not tried. There are so many trends in the beauty world but only a few that I would actually try. So, this is my list of things I want to […]