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Dupe It Up: Ccolor Cosmetics edition (Updated)

So many people have asked me to update the dupe posts so here we go! The Ccolor Cosmetics post received so much love (literally 1500+ views) so I had to start with the favorite. If you want to compare the update to the original post, you can but fair warning, the brand has stayed busy and there are so many more products in this article. Continue reading “Dupe It Up: Ccolor Cosmetics edition (Updated)”

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Cosmetic Launch Roundup: July 17-24, 2020

Absolute mayhem this week regarding the amount of launches but chaos, in this case, is a wonderful thing. We have a couple brands back after a hiatus, there is a new brand on the Roundup, and some of the mainstays are back to maintain their place on Indie Clique. Grab a snack, kick back, and enjoy this week’s releases.

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