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Holiday Collections of 2018 (Part 3)

I’m back with the third and last holiday collection post! I will say that it has been strenuous to compile pictures, prices, and verify that everything is correct before posting each article but it has been worth it. I will be compiling everything together so if you liked this mini series, share with your friends, family, whoever likes makeup.

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Holiday Collections of 2018 (Part 1)

So many brands, so many products. I’m here to make things somewhat easier with a comprehensive list of our favorite affordable brands and their holiday collections. Note: this list is for makeup only. I’ll do a separate post on bath, fragrances, and skincare later.

Morphe: (Online, Ulta, Morphe Stores)
15T and 15S palettes $16 each           8S Stellar Impact highlighter palette $25
Bling Fling 8-piece brush set $79      All Eye Want 6-piece brush set $18
Complexion Crew 5-piece set $25     Metallic Heat eyeshadows $12

The Wingmen liquid liner duo $19    Out & A Pout lip trio $16 each
Molten Magic 12-piece lip set $29    Glitter Fever Metallic eyeshadow $12

Ulta Beauty:

12 Days of Beauty calendar $18        Lipstick library $16
Pretty & Polished collection $20      Brilliantly Beautiful collection $20
Profusion Cosmetics (Online+Target)
Wanderlust palette $10            Temptress palette $10
Infatuation palette $10            Confidence palette $10
Mixed Metals palettes $10      Bare Eyes Case $7
Highlight/Contour palette $5  Conceal palette $5
Blush palette $5                       Beautiful Brow $7
Lips-To-Go V2 $5
Larger palettes
Small palettes
L.A Girl: (Online or in Ulta stores)
Reverie Collection 35-color palette $20
Reverie Collection 6-color highlighting palette $13
Reverie Collection 3-piece liquid eyeshadow set $13 (2 versions)

Mini Liquid Catsuit set $10      Holiday MegaGlo Highlighting Palette $15
MegaGlo Highlight Bar $5       Loose Color Pigments $4

Nyx Cosmetics: (Online)
Land of Lollies lip trio ornament $12       Land of Lollies Glossy Lip Tint $7

Land of Lollies Shadow palette $18          Land of Lollies Highlighter $8

Licorice Lane Vinyl Lip Gloss $8             Licorice Lane shadow palette $18
Licorice Lane Matte Lippie set $18         Licorice Lane Foundation Buffing brush $18

Paradise Fluff Shadow&Liner set $18      Paradise Fluff powder setting brush $18
Paradise Fluff Ombre highlighter $12      Paradise Fluff Lip Oil $6

Sprinkle Town Precision face brush $18       Sprinkle Town Cream glitter palette $10
Sprinkle Town Duochromatic Lip Gloss $8   Sprinkle Town Shimmer eye&lip set $18

Sugar Trip Squad Shadow palette $22      Sugar Trip Lip Treats Set $15
Sugar Trip Advent calendar $55               Sugar Trip Squad highlighting palette $22
Sugar Trip Lippie Vault $55                      Super Trip Glitter Vault $55

Sweet Chateau Lip Lingerie $7                Sweet Chateau Chocolip Balm $6
Sweet Chateau Slip Tease lip vault $25   Sweet Chateau Soft Matte lip cream $18

Whipped Wonderland liquid highlighter $8            Whipped Wonderland Soft Matte Metallic Lips $25
Whipped Wonderland Powder Puff Lippie $8.50    Whipped Wonderland shadow set $18

Makeup Revolution: (Online)
Chocolate Heart $50                              Chocolate Vault Collection $110 ($85 sale)

Revolution 12 Days of Christmas $56    Revolution NYE Countdown Calendar $35
Revolution Ultimate Essentials $35        I Heart Heaven $28

All of these collections are stunning (especially the Nyx one) and this is only the confirmed or collections that are available. I will be doing another part to this post because we know that the beauty industry doesn’t sleep. Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it! Also, leave a comment on which holiday collection you’re grabbing.
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Wannabe Holiday Spirit

I can’t help but to get excited over the holidays. Halloween (if you celebrate it), Thanksgiving (for my fellow Americans), and Christmas. Since entering the realm of all things beauty, I have come to enjoy the new collections and products that pop up during each season. Brands are starting to either release or tease their products with BH Cosmetics being the first “affordable” brand that has a collection I’m debating about buying.
While the brand has not updated their website to include their holiday stuff, I went on Ulta’s website and searched BH Cosmetics page; lo and behold, there was the “Royal Affair” collection. It doesn’t scream “Christmasy” but it still gives off the season feels. Included in the set is a palette ($18), 10-piece brush set ($25), and a 5-piece set of their Liquid Linen lipsticks ($24).
Unique lip set
The palette isn’t really my cup of tea, seeing as there isn’t a great variety of colors and it doesn’t really have a holiday aesthetic. The brushes are appealing because I need brushes and the colors remind me of the Christmas lights I put on my tree. The lip set is unique in that BH Cosmetics took two of their more popular Liquid Linen shades and created three exclusive shades just for the set. I’ll be buying the brushes and lip set but I think I may hold off on the palette.
There are 86 days left until Christmas, leaving plenty of time for our favorite brands to release collections that we can’t resist. BH Cosmetics made a decent effort but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. If you are interested in the collection, you can purchase it on Ulta’s website.
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The Fascination with Disney

Just admit it. You have seen at least one Disney movie in your life, whether it’s one of the “old-school” movies or the newer generation. Growing up in the 90’s meant I watched The Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, etc. Of course you can’t forget the original movies that launched the Disney phenomenon: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, etc.

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Lippies, Collections, and Palettes, Oh My!

These indie and drugstore brands are pumping out these new releases like crazy… But I love it! The latest trend in the beauty industry are liquid eyeshadows,  which are either a hit or a miss depending on the brand. I feel like I am one of the few beauty bloggers who loves the idea of more liquid eyeshadows, especially if they are affordable. Let’s cut this intro short and delve into the launches!
Rude Cosmetics: This brand has been featured several times here on The Trendy Wallet, most prominently in the article about their new eyeshadow collections: Blackjack 21 and Metropolis. This time the brand is doubling down with two new products.

First up is the upcoming Glit & Glow Lip Glosses, consisting of six shimmery shades: Virgin Glow (silver), Feeling Naughty (ivory), Tease Me (fuchsia), Read My Lips (red), Pucker Up (reddish-brown), and Such a Flirt (dark gold). Each gloss retails for $5 and are available on Rude Cosmetics’ site.

Glit & Glow
Following the lip glosses are 13 shades of stunning liquid eyeshadows. The Star Party Liquid Eyeshadows are based on the galaxy (obviously) and cost $6 each. While all thirteen shades will definitely be included in my eyeshadow collection, the shade Solstice is the perfect shimmery purple that I have been looking for.
Star Party eyeshadows
Kara Beauty: An up-and-coming brand that I discovered via Instagram, Kara Beauty creates gorgeous eyeshadows while maintaining affordable prices. Their liquid lipsticks could honestly retail for more than the $5 that they currently cost. So what is Kara Beauty offering us this time? Well, none other than more liquid eyeshadows!
Galaxy Bomb
The Galaxy Bomb collection presents 11 shades of eyeshadows that are, at least in my opinion, similar to the KKW Beauty Ultralight Beams, but more affordable and more aesthetically pleasing. The Galaxy Bombs are $10 each and are only available on Kara Beauty’s site.

Wet N Wild: This drugstore favorite is no stranger to the blog and for good reason. Wet N Wild announced a surprise launch of three new shades in their MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Metallic lipsticks plus a new collection, Fantasy Makers.
The Fantasy Makers collection consists of 12 body crayons ($3 each), 9 loose pigments ($4 each), 7 face/body stencils ($2 each), 4 palettes ($6 each), 5 highlighting powders ($5 each), 5 glitter eyeshadow palettes ($4 each), 11 metallic liquid eyeliners ($4 each), 5 metallic lipsticks ($5 each), 5 mascaras (5 shades; $4 each), 4 face gems ($3 each), and several others. This collection is expansive and I got exhausted writing this list.
My “helpful” collage
The point is Wet n’ Wild spared no expense for this collection made for Halloween. Everything is under $10 (cue applause) and a myriad of options to choose in order to create your dream collection. From what I understand all of the products are available on Wet n’ Wild’s site but a few will be available in select stores. I’ll give an update when the stores are announced.
Flower Beauty: It seems that glitter is the black for Flower Beauty, given that their previous release was the Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir, a primer/moisturizer with a illuminating effect. Expanding on the glitter comes the new Warrior Glitter Shadows which are liquid eyeshadows with, you know, glitter. There are 6 shades and each retails for $10 on Flower Beauty.
Love the packaging!
Jcat Beauty: If you read the last launch article I mentioned that Jcat began teasing their newest products: 3 eyeshadow palettes. Well they finally gave the release date (September 17), the prices ($14 per palette) and shared swatches on Instagram. Now that the colors have been revealed, I have to give my honest opinion. I feel that these palettes are too similar. Only one palette’s color scheme matched its name while the other two shared similar neutral shades with little bursts of color.
Top: Majestic Galaxy; Left: Secret Paradise; Right: Fantasy Dreamland
The first palette, Secret Paradise, is mostly browns/neutrals with the shimmers providing pops of color.
Neutral but with pops of blue
Fantasy Dreamland follows suit with neutral and warm tones; reds, browns, and gold/light shimmers.

Warm-toned fantasy

The attention-grabbing palette for me was Majestic Galaxy because it seemed like the most well-rounded. There are an equal mix of warm and cool tones. The brown/tan shades are included but so were light shades like there were more colors to choose from.
Majestic palette
Colourpop Cosmetics: Last week we were introduced to the Back to School collection and this week Colourpop is officially welcoming the fall season with their aptly titled Fall Collection. Launched September 13, the Fall Collection features an eyeshadow palette (Good Sport; $16), 6 Lux lipsticks (Like a Snack; $36), a highlighting palette (Crush On You; $18), and 5 liquid eyeshadows (In Retrograde; $30).
Fall Collection featuring… leopard print?
You can purchase the entire collection for $100 or buy individual products online at Colourpop’s website.
Nyx Cosmetics: Approaching the new season with an interesting concept is Nyx Cosmetics, creating a collection based on steampunk. The Machinist Collection is limited edition and is split into three versions: Grind, Ignite, and Steam.

Each version has an eyeshadow palette ($25), lip lacquer ($7), highlighting duo ($12), and a lipstick ($8). Everything is sold individually, meaning you can mix and match the products (don’t mind if I do!). The Machinist Collection is available now on Nyx’s website.

I honestly can’t pick a favorite launch because each product has its own appeal. I am most intrigued by the liquid eyeshadows though. Tell me which brand created your favorite launch in the comments. Be sure to check out The Trendy Wallet on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest plus subscribe for more articles and other goodies.

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