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Exclusivity, Begone!

I have shared my admiration for Marlena Stell, OG beauty youtuber/influencer and CEO of Makeup Geek. She recently held a pop-up shop in New York City for her upcoming clothing line Marste (combining the first three letters of her first and last names) and the lucky people who visited the shop were treated to a first look at the Marste x Makeup Geek palettes. Today (October 17) Makeup Geek announced that the once exclusive palettes are now available for everyone and are available on the Makeup Geek website!!!

Before I break down my first impressions, let’s talk pricing. There are 9 palettes, each containing 9 pans. The palettes are $35 each. Some of you may be thrown off by that price but allow me to explain. All of the Makeup Geek products are manufactured in the US, meaning that the production costs are high and Marlena has to find a way to get a ROI (Return On Investment). Considering most of the single eyeshadows are $6 a pan, you are actually saving $10 by purchasing any of the new palettes. Score! Am I right?

Love Story

Alright, let’s talk colors. All 9 palettes are gorgeous, with themes that match the shades. The shades included in each palette were (and still are) originally sold as individual pans; Marlena simply put together the color schemes and gave each palette the best name to describe its theme.


Based on first impressions, I’d have to say that the Flourishing, Reflection, Passion, and Bloom are my favorites based on aesthetics (the shades) alone. I love the earthy tones of Flourishing, adore the blues mingling with the neutrals in Reflection, feel the seductive vibes from Passion, and those purples in Bloom are so stunning. Looks like these will be on my Christmas list. Well, if they don’t sell out that it is!

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Beginner-friendly Eyeshadow Formulas

Not everyone has the finesse of blending eyeshadows like our favorite beauty gurus (myself included). It takes time to learn the right blending techniques and thankfully there are some shadows that work better for beginners. Today we’re covering the three best beginner-friendly eyeshadow formulas and how they work.

Powder eyeshadows are the most common and also the easiest formula for beginners to work with. These are also used mostly for palettes; think of your favorite palette and more than likely it’s a powder, regardless of being matte or shimmer. Beginners can blend this formula with relatively no problems; just be careful not to rub the shadow on your eyelids with your fingers as you can cause sagging and lines to appear. Always use a brush to pack on the shadow before blending.
Pretty Much palette (Colourpop)

Liquid eyeshadows are also easy to apply but should only be used after you have the powder shadows blended to your satisfaction. You can either apply liquid eyeshadows with the wand or use a brush to pack on the amount you want. Some people also utilize liquid eyeshadows as eyeliner. Either way you use it, just make sure you apply the liquid quickly as it does dry within a short amount of time.

Stick/Crayon eyeshadows is beginner-friendly because they resemble a thick crayon. This formula is long lasting, up to 24 hours of use. Simply apply the shadow to the desired part of your eye and blend either with you fingers or a brush. I personally use this type as a liner for my lower lash line or to create a halo eye. Maybelline is a brand with great stick shadows.
ColorTattoo Crayon (Maybelline)

Which of the three is your favorite eyeshadow formula? For absolute beginners I recommend sticking to powder shadows but again, all three are beginner-friendly.
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