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Shop My Stash/Collection Update

As you might have noticed, this blog is about affordable makeup and skincare. I’ve decided to mix two articles together and give an update on my collection and jump on the “shop my stash” trend.

*This post includes affiliate links; if you choose to use a code or a link marked with “”, I receive a small commission.

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Dupe It Up: Shop Hush edition

This is a new series in which we’ll be looking at dupes of popular brands/products. I know some people don’t agree with dupes but let’s face it, you save money when you buy a dupe and sometimes get better quality.
The fourth article ever published on The Trendy Wallet covered a few dupes from the Hush App. So  I’ve decided to do compile another list of dupes covering more palettes available on Hush and which brands they are duping.
Note: Hush is working on international shipping so for my international readers, it’ll be a little longer before you can start getting these products.

Bad Habit/Face Candy                                               Original
Bad Habit Fantasia $16
Natasha Denona Tropic $129
Bad Habit Divine $16
Natasha Denona Star $169
Bad Habit Cult Mystics $24
Pat McGrath Mothership I: Subliminal $125
Bad Habit Cult Mythos $24
Pat McGrath Mothership II: Sublime $125
Bad Habit Cult Mystere $24
Pat McGrath Mothership III: Subversive $125
Bad Habit Artistry $12
Anastasia Beverly Hills x Mario Master palette $45
Bad Habit Artistry II $12
KKW x Mario Collab $45
Bad Habit Midsummer Night $16
Too Faced Natural Love $59
Bad Habit Dreamstate $14
Fenty Beauty Galaxy $59
Bad Habit Aura $12
Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism $42
Bad Habit After Collection $12 each; $48 bundled
Huda Beauty Obsession collection $27 each; $162 bundle
Bad Habit Supernova $16
Natasha Denona Lila $129
Bad Habit Solstice $16
Natasha Denona Sunset $129
Face Candy Disco Fever $16
Too Faced Chocolate Gold $49
Face Candy Tropics $10
Lime Crime Venus 1 $38
Face Candy Rainforest $10
Lime Crime Venus 2 $38
Face Candy Wild $16
Kat Von D Sinner $62
Face Candy Atlantis $14
*Tarte Cosmetics Icy Betch*
Face Candy Smoothie $12
Too Faced White Peach $45
Face Candy Milkshake $12
Too Faced Just Peachy $45
Face Candy Vice $12
Kylie Cosmetics Purple Palette $42
Face Candy Mermaid Glow $12
Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow $40
Face Candy Unicorn Glow $12
Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow $40
*Tarte Cosmetics never released the Icy Betch palette as it was an April Fool’s Joke last year*
Fantasia vs Tropic ($113 difference)
Divine vs Star ($153 difference)

Mystics vs Subliminal ($101 difference)

Mythos vs Sublime ($101 difference)

Mystere vs Subversive ($101 difference)
Artistry vs Master palette ($33 difference)
Artistry II vs KKW x Mario ($33 difference)

Midsummer Night vs Natural Love ($43 difference)
Natural Love

Dreamstate vs Galaxy ($45 difference)

Aura vs Prism ($30 difference)
After Collection vs Obsessions (individually: $15 difference. Bundle: $114 difference)
After Collection
Supernova vs Lila ($113 difference)

Solstice vs Sunset ($113 difference)

Disco Fever vs Chocolate Gold ($33 difference)
Disco Fever
Chocolate Gold
Tropics vs Venus 1 ($28 difference)
Venus I

Rainforest vs Venus 2 ($28 difference)
Venus II

Wild vs Sinner ($46 difference)
Atlantis vs “Icy Betch” (NA; Icy Betch never released)
Icy Betch

Smoothie vs White Peach ($33 difference)
White Peach

Milkshake vs Just Peachy ($33 difference)
Just Peachy

Vice vs Purple Palette ($30 difference)
Purple Palette
Mermaid Glow vs Moonchild Glow ($28 difference)
Mermaid Glow
Moonchild Glow
Unicorn Glow vs Aurora Glow ($28 difference)
Unicorn Glow
Aurora Glow

There you have it. All of these dupes have at least a $25 difference between them and the original palettes. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d like to save as much money as possible and for being dupes, Bad Habit and Face Candy create high-quality products. Tell me in the comments: would you rather buy the original or the dupe?
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Photo credits:
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Huda Beauty Obessions (themakeupstore)

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Cosmetic Launch Roundup: August 1-16, 2018

August. “The dog days of summer.” The last month of summer before the leaves begin to fall and we officially welcome Autumn (my favorite season). I’ve never paid much attention to makeup releases during August but then again there have never been so many that have caught my eye. But these first two weeks of August look tempting… Shall we begin?
Essence Makeup has released a highlighting compact called Glow Like a Mermaid! And if that wasn’t good enough, the brand also launched a collection of holographic products.
The line includes a lip gloss (five colors), a highlighting stick, an eyeshadow palette, and an eye pencil (four shades). Each item is under $7 and will be available at Ulta soon.

Lip gloss- Dragonfly Shimmer
Glow Like a Mermaid

Nyx Cosmetics has released so many lip products this summer that it was hard to keep track but I managed (barely). For their new lip glosses, Nyx took a darker turn and has launched the limited edition Midnight Chaos. Featuring twelve shades that range from dark blues, purples and black to lighter shades like a shimmery purple. Price point? $9 each.

Face Candy has been relatively quiet and hasn’t released any eyeshadow palettes since the Atlantis palette; gorgeous palette filled with blues and greens reminiscent of the ocean. Now imagine the surprised and happy reactions from Shop Hush app fans when Face Candy announced their new palette featuring 16 shades.

Disco Fever
Disco Fever delivers on its namesake; the shimmer shades remind me of the discotheques and the disco balls glistening everywhere. Comprised of four matte shades and twelve shimmers, dare I say that this palette is geared towards shimmer shade lovers?
This palette will be launched on Thursday, August 2 on the Hush app.

Beauty Bakerie is gearing up to release their new Milk and Honey palette and brush on August 1st. The new product is a collaboration exclusive between Beauty Bakerie and Riley Rose; as such, this highlighting palette will be available at Riley Rose locations and at Beauty Bakerie’s site at a later time. 

Milk and Honey highlighting shades
Milk and Honey packaging
Makeup Revolution has done four collaborations so far: Sophdoesnails, Makeupbytammi, Carmimua, and as of last week, Kisu. Well, it seems the brand has no plans of slowing down their collabs because they released a teaser image on Instagram featuring British Youtuber Imogen Hudson. Fans of both Makeup Rev and Imogen are eagerly anticipating the new palette (as am I).
The palette and the reveal video will be released August 1st.

*Update: I stayed up until 5:30am EST and Makeup Revolution released everything half an hour early! I am so proud of Imogen and the TWO beautiful palettes she created. One of the palettes is an eyeshadow palette and the other is a highlight/contour product. Both are available on Makeup Rev’s site and are $15 each.

Highlight to The Moon
Imogenation eyeshadow palette

Jcat Beauty has been teasing a new product but won’t disclose any details other than images of the product swatches. I’m assuming that it is a new concealer. The shade range is disappointing but I realize that Jcat is a smaller brand so I’m not “hating” too much. A launch date has not been given but I will update this article when more details are released.
Mystery product
Essence Makeup is included in this section too because the brand announced three new eyeshadow palettes but have not given a release date. The palettes are simple (in a good way) with two palettes giving neutral shades while the other gives off an ethereal vibe with its bright colors. As soon as the palettes are launched, I’ll post an update.
Rude Cosmetics has cute themes and packaging for their palettes that are outside the box (which I love). It should come as no surprise that this indie brand is serving us with some sass and Clueless vibes in a palette called Whatever.
Palette cover
Ooh the shades

Can we take a moment to appreciate these colors? This palette is perfect for the last hurrah of the summer. The purple shades are gorgeous… You know what, the whole palette is gorgeous so we’ll leave it at that! I’ll keep you updated on the price and release date.

I have to admit that August is shaping up to be a good month for makeup addicts. Indie brands are coming out of the shadows to give us unique and refreshing takes on eyeshadows while the bigger brands are releasing their own bestsellers. Which product and/or brand are you looking to try? Sound off in the comments and make sure to follow The Trendy Wallet on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest. Oh, and be a pal; please subscribe for the latest from this blog 🙂

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