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Cosmetic Launch Roundup: September 8-14, 2019

I couldn’t come up with a witty introduction so… Yeah, enjoy this week’s releases and be sure to give me your opinions in the comments 🙂

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Slowly Getting There

September is almost over and the holidays are creeping ever closer. This week seemed like brands were slowing down a bit as there were fewer releases. But you know with the holidays rapidly approaching, brands are putting the finishing touches on their holiday glam (like the rumored “Royal Affair” from BH Cosmetics). For now let’s enjoy these simmering launches.

Flower Beauty: Drew Barrymore has been creating products nonstop for Flower Beauty, this time focusing on blush products. The brand’s Instagram announced they would be releasing Blush Bombs, but I was disappointed because the packaging seemed kind of lackluster, for lack of better words. The Blush Bombs come in six shades and each one costs $11. You can grab one on Flower Beauty’s site or Ulta’s site.
Blush Bomb “Bitten”

L.A Girl: Coming hot on the heels of the popular Shockwave Liners comes a new assortment of lippies in metallic/glittery packaging. L.A Girl began teasing this product a couple days ago and, to be honest, I am not as excited as I was about the Shockwave liners. I love the packaging, but I think the brand does a lot of lip products that are quite similar, either in shades or in concept. Anyway, these new lippies launched on September 27.
Mysterious lippies

E.l.f: They have been teasing the Modern Metals collection for the past week and it is finally here! Launched on September 26, Modern Metals was inspired by the city of New Orleans and a few influencers such as Yuri G helped create the collection.
Included in the collection is an eyeshadow palette ($12), blush/highlighting palette ($12), a liquid lipstick ($6), and a lip gloss ($6). The entire collection is $32, or you can buy each product individually. This collection is currently available only on E.l.f’s site.

Black Opal: It has been a while since Black Opal released anything new so I was excited to see this product appear on their Instagram feed. Introducing… True Color Illuminating Powder! Ok, so it’s a highlighter but it looks stunning and would suit people of medium to dark skin tones. We already know that Black Opal has great prices and they priced this beauty for $9.95, or $10, if you round your numbers like I do. You can find the highlighter here.

Kleancolor: This brand reminds me of E.l.f except underrated. Kleancolor sells most of their product for under $10 and the pigment is excellent. The brand launched three new products: two eyeshadow palettes and a blush palette.

The first eyeshadow palette, My Whole Universe, has simple yet chic packaging with 13 shades; four shimmer and nine matte. This palette spans the color scheme of the rainbow and is only $7!

Rainbow vibes

The other eyeshadow palette is called Gem Rock and the colors are mouthwatering! So there are 12 shades; 10 shimmer and 2 matte. If you like more mattes than shimmers in a palette this may not be for you. For all of my shimmer shade lovers, the purple shimmers are too beautiful for words. The best part? The Gem Rock palette is only $6!
Gem vibes
On to the blush, of which there are technically two palettes. The Rustic Bouquet Blush palette has two different color schemes: Dusty Rose and Petal Garden. In my opinion, Dusty Rose works as both a blush and highlight while the Petal Garden is fully a blush palette with colors for all skin tones. You can grab these palettes for $7 each or just one.
Dusty Rose
Petal Garden

Which products are calling your name? I am definitely getting the Kleancolor and Black Opal products but I’m not too sure about the others. I am so eager to see what brands are cooking up for the holidays because the releases are sort of stale compared to what we saw during the summer.
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Lippies, Collections, and Palettes, Oh My!

These indie and drugstore brands are pumping out these new releases like crazy… But I love it! The latest trend in the beauty industry are liquid eyeshadows,  which are either a hit or a miss depending on the brand. I feel like I am one of the few beauty bloggers who loves the idea of more liquid eyeshadows, especially if they are affordable. Let’s cut this intro short and delve into the launches!
Rude Cosmetics: This brand has been featured several times here on The Trendy Wallet, most prominently in the article about their new eyeshadow collections: Blackjack 21 and Metropolis. This time the brand is doubling down with two new products.

First up is the upcoming Glit & Glow Lip Glosses, consisting of six shimmery shades: Virgin Glow (silver), Feeling Naughty (ivory), Tease Me (fuchsia), Read My Lips (red), Pucker Up (reddish-brown), and Such a Flirt (dark gold). Each gloss retails for $5 and are available on Rude Cosmetics’ site.

Glit & Glow
Following the lip glosses are 13 shades of stunning liquid eyeshadows. The Star Party Liquid Eyeshadows are based on the galaxy (obviously) and cost $6 each. While all thirteen shades will definitely be included in my eyeshadow collection, the shade Solstice is the perfect shimmery purple that I have been looking for.
Star Party eyeshadows
Kara Beauty: An up-and-coming brand that I discovered via Instagram, Kara Beauty creates gorgeous eyeshadows while maintaining affordable prices. Their liquid lipsticks could honestly retail for more than the $5 that they currently cost. So what is Kara Beauty offering us this time? Well, none other than more liquid eyeshadows!
Galaxy Bomb
The Galaxy Bomb collection presents 11 shades of eyeshadows that are, at least in my opinion, similar to the KKW Beauty Ultralight Beams, but more affordable and more aesthetically pleasing. The Galaxy Bombs are $10 each and are only available on Kara Beauty’s site.

Wet N Wild: This drugstore favorite is no stranger to the blog and for good reason. Wet N Wild announced a surprise launch of three new shades in their MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Metallic lipsticks plus a new collection, Fantasy Makers.
The Fantasy Makers collection consists of 12 body crayons ($3 each), 9 loose pigments ($4 each), 7 face/body stencils ($2 each), 4 palettes ($6 each), 5 highlighting powders ($5 each), 5 glitter eyeshadow palettes ($4 each), 11 metallic liquid eyeliners ($4 each), 5 metallic lipsticks ($5 each), 5 mascaras (5 shades; $4 each), 4 face gems ($3 each), and several others. This collection is expansive and I got exhausted writing this list.
My “helpful” collage
The point is Wet n’ Wild spared no expense for this collection made for Halloween. Everything is under $10 (cue applause) and a myriad of options to choose in order to create your dream collection. From what I understand all of the products are available on Wet n’ Wild’s site but a few will be available in select stores. I’ll give an update when the stores are announced.
Flower Beauty: It seems that glitter is the black for Flower Beauty, given that their previous release was the Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir, a primer/moisturizer with a illuminating effect. Expanding on the glitter comes the new Warrior Glitter Shadows which are liquid eyeshadows with, you know, glitter. There are 6 shades and each retails for $10 on Flower Beauty.
Love the packaging!
Jcat Beauty: If you read the last launch article I mentioned that Jcat began teasing their newest products: 3 eyeshadow palettes. Well they finally gave the release date (September 17), the prices ($14 per palette) and shared swatches on Instagram. Now that the colors have been revealed, I have to give my honest opinion. I feel that these palettes are too similar. Only one palette’s color scheme matched its name while the other two shared similar neutral shades with little bursts of color.
Top: Majestic Galaxy; Left: Secret Paradise; Right: Fantasy Dreamland
The first palette, Secret Paradise, is mostly browns/neutrals with the shimmers providing pops of color.
Neutral but with pops of blue
Fantasy Dreamland follows suit with neutral and warm tones; reds, browns, and gold/light shimmers.

Warm-toned fantasy

The attention-grabbing palette for me was Majestic Galaxy because it seemed like the most well-rounded. There are an equal mix of warm and cool tones. The brown/tan shades are included but so were light shades like there were more colors to choose from.
Majestic palette
Colourpop Cosmetics: Last week we were introduced to the Back to School collection and this week Colourpop is officially welcoming the fall season with their aptly titled Fall Collection. Launched September 13, the Fall Collection features an eyeshadow palette (Good Sport; $16), 6 Lux lipsticks (Like a Snack; $36), a highlighting palette (Crush On You; $18), and 5 liquid eyeshadows (In Retrograde; $30).
Fall Collection featuring… leopard print?
You can purchase the entire collection for $100 or buy individual products online at Colourpop’s website.
Nyx Cosmetics: Approaching the new season with an interesting concept is Nyx Cosmetics, creating a collection based on steampunk. The Machinist Collection is limited edition and is split into three versions: Grind, Ignite, and Steam.

Each version has an eyeshadow palette ($25), lip lacquer ($7), highlighting duo ($12), and a lipstick ($8). Everything is sold individually, meaning you can mix and match the products (don’t mind if I do!). The Machinist Collection is available now on Nyx’s website.

I honestly can’t pick a favorite launch because each product has its own appeal. I am most intrigued by the liquid eyeshadows though. Tell me which brand created your favorite launch in the comments. Be sure to check out The Trendy Wallet on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest plus subscribe for more articles and other goodies.

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Cosmetic Launch Roundup: September 1-6, 2018

Curling up with a book as rain pelts the window, a fire roaring in the fireplace, and an apple cinnamon candle burning in the background, the smell permeating through the room. Autumn is right around the corner, meaning colder weather (insert crying face emoji here). However, there are many things to look forward to, such as the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” from Starbucks or Halloween.
Prepare to spice up the season with a few colors that are perfect for the changes in nature; plum, burgundy, grey, forest/olive greens, and more. While spring/summer exuded warm tone palettes and highlighters, autumn presents the chance to tone it down somewhat with more earthy and subdued tones.
With an image of all that autumn brings, here are the releases for the first two weeks of September.

Makeup Geek intends to fully embrace autumn with their gorgeous new eyeshadows. Four splendid shades, each with a dynamic pop to them. Warm copper, tantalizing teal, soft beige, and a smoky brown round out the newest shades to the realm of Makeup Geek’s shadows (there are over 135 shades total). Retailing for $6 each, these shadows are affordable and a staple in any magnetic palette you customize. Available at Makeup Geek’s website.

Apple Spice

Autumn Breeze

BH Cosmetics launched their new White Marble brush set on August 29th and they are stunning! If you are an avid watcher of home improvement shows and love the idea of marble countertops, you understand what the brushes look like. BH Cosmetics is known for bringing their A-game with their brush sets and the White Marble set is no different. There are nine brushes along with the angled brush holder; four face brushes and five eye brushes. The set costs $25 and is only available online.

Colourpop Cosmetics knows how to kick off the school year with pizzazz. Announcing their Back to School collection, Colourpop also donated backpacks and school supplies to a women and children’s shelter in Los Angeles. The collection launched on Thursday Aug 30th during the *Labor Day sale* and includes:

Study Buddy super shock eyeshadow set ($25), Knew Idea lippie stix kit ($25), Back @ It and Extra Attention ultra-matte lip kit ($20 each), OTW ultra-metallic lip set ($20). You also purchase the entire collection for $110. (*All listed prices are the discounted prices during the sale*)

If something catches your eye, quickly snatch it up on Colourpop’s website; it’s almost guaranteed that these products will sell out within a few days.

Back to School/Work

Barry M goes mythological with their new Unicorn Primer Drops! The new primer contains all-natural ingredients including acai berries. The drops appear pink as you apply them but blends flawlessly into the skin, with brightening, hydrating, and detoxifying effects for the skin. The primer is available on Barry M’s website and retail for $10.40 USD.

Geek Chic Cosmetics is switching things up with Star Jellies. These new lip glosses are available in 4 shades with added moisturizer ingredients (rosehip oil and pomegranate seed oil). Best of all, these new glosses will set you back only $8 for each shade! Only available online.
Surrender to My Will

Honey Bunny
Fashion Club
All four glosses
Jcat Beauty expanded two of their popular products. The Pris-Metal Chrome Eye Mousses gained 18 more shades, with even more pigment and vivid color range. These mousses retail for $6 each.
Then Jcat expressed more creativity with the three new shades of the You Glow Girl baked highlighters. Moon and Back is a light bronze, Mermaid Skin is a muted green, and Unicorn fave is a bubblegum pink. Each baked highlighter is $9.
Moon and Back
Mermaid Skin

Unicorn Fave

Catrice Cosmetics is finally releasing more shades of their best selling HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. The foundation range had been lacking, with 4 shades catering to fair skin tones. Many fans of the brand with tan to deep skin tones are excitedly counting down the days (myself included). The foundation retails for $11 and the new shades make their debut on September 4!

An original, light shade
Makeup Revolution is launching two new products! The best-selling Conceal & Define concealer is getting a reboot. The brand announced via Twitter on August 28th that they would be releasing the Super-Size version of the concealer due to popular demand.

As if that wasn’t enough to get fans hyped for autumn, MUR announced their Full Coverage Conceal & Define foundation. Fans are understandably excited as Makeup Revolution has had success with their Fast Base foundation sticks so the hype surrounding this launch is palpable. Mark your calendars for September 5th!
Foundation in the center; Super Size concealer to the right

Flower Beauty seeks to transport us into the galaxy with their new Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir. This vegan product helps brighten, smooth, prime, and hydrate the skin while giving ethereal vibes. For those that like illuminating primers, this is a product to anticipate. The elixir will officially launch on September 4th on Flower Beauty’s website but it is already online at Ulta for $16.
Supernova Elixir
So many products in the first few days of September but this roundup covers only the first week. There will be another launch article for the second week of September before we go back to the original format used for the cosmetic launch roundups.

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Celebrity-Owned Brands

Ah, celebrities. The glamor, wealth, intrigue, scandals… I could continue but I won’t. One thing that has caught my attention is how many celebs are creating their own cosmetic lines. Rihanna gave beauty gurus something to scream about with Fenty Beauty. Kylie Jenner has amassed a huge fortune starting out with lip kits for Kylie Cosmetics. But as you know, here at The Trendy Wallet we like affordable things so we’re putting the spotlight on celeb-owned brands that are budget-friendly.

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