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Cosmetic Launch Roundup: July 9-16, 2020

Much like last week, variety has proven to be the spice of life. Something about this week has inspired more brands to launch their eagerly anticipated products, meaning they obviously have to pop up on the Roundup. Enjoy the post and make sure you’re following Indie Clique for future launches.

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Cosmetic Launch Roundup: October 16-31, 2018

Collaborations or multiple palette launches seem to be on trend for the last weeks of October. We have the usual roundup suspects like Makeup Revolution and Jcat Beauty, but Revlon has joined the Roundup for the first time! (Applause!) What do you say we just get into these thrilling releases?

If you are an Ulta fanatic like moi, you would know that Makeup Revolution’snewest collection has been sitting at select Ulta stores for at least a week. The brand finally announced (via Instagram) the Jewel Collection on October 12, listing the places you could buy and the deets on each product within the collection.

There are three “versions” in the collection, with three eyeshadow palettes ($15 each), three lip toppers ($6 each), and three jelly highlighters ($9 each) respective to each theme. The silverjewel includes the Opulent eyeshadow palette, Dazzling highlighter, and Fortune lip topper.
The rose gold version has the Deluxe eyeshadow palette, Prestigious highlighter, and Luxurious lip topper. Finally, the goldversion contains the Gilded palette, Monumental highlighter, and Exquisite lip topper. 
Deluxe version

Gilded Version

Opulent version
You can grab these products on Revolution’s website (international shipping!), in select Ulta stores, or on Ulta’s website (US and Canada shipping only).

Bad Habit Beautyis in full effect with their newest product within their Luxe series! If you have read the dupe article, you know that the Luxe series of palettes are dupes of the Pat McGrath Mothership palettes. The latest from Bad Habit is Cult Mayhem, a dupe of the Mothership IV: Decadence palette.
You can grab Mayhem on Bad Habit’s site for $24.

Barry M creates some of the best baked eyeshadow palettes in the industry. The Treasure Chest palette gave us jewel vibes earlier in the summer but Barry M is now giving us island vibes with their new Shipwrecked palette! Featuring 18 shades, Shipwrecked reminds of a beach with the gorgeous ocean spread out in every direction. This palette is on my wish list for the holidays and should be on yours too. You can grab Shipwrecked on Barry M’s website for $12.99.
Revlon has been working on their new collection for a while now but the first product is finally here. The #Photoready Candid Foundation is free of parabens, fragrances, and synthetic dyes. The foundation comes in 31 shades with only 5 shades for darker skin tones (really??) but hopefully Revlon will expand to cater to medium to deep skin tones. The Candid foundation is available at CVS/Walgreens, Ulta, Walmart, Target, and Rite Aid (prices vary).
Candid foundation

One of my favorite brands I consider to be “budget luxury”, Zoeva Cosmetics, dropped two collections this month and I am so excited! The newest collection, All Night Long, has drawn inspiration from the glam rock genre and contains a 15-pan eyeshadow palette, and a five piece brush set. Both items in this collection are more costly than we usually see from Zoeva, with the palette costing $40 and the brush set $58. But there are several other stunning palettes from the brand for $26 (I love the Aristo palette). The All Night Long collection is only available on Zoeva’s website.

All Night brush set
THE palette 🙂
Jcat Beauty isn’t slowing down as the brand just dropped two new palettes in the Eye-Maginecollection. Each palette contains 35 shades; Eye Came Alive features earthy and warm tones while As Eye Wish serves cool tones. You can grab the palettes for $18 each on Jcat’s website.
As Eye Wish

Eye Come Alive
Iman Cosmeticsis finally back with a fall collection for our WOC! The fall collection is called Urban Legends, with many new products that culminate into different “looks” such as The Empress, The Nymph, The Alchemist, and more. One of the new items is the Eye Con Kit, which contains four 3-pan eyeshadow palettes, an eyebrow pencil, and a eyeliner. The kit costs $15 and you can check out the rest of the new collection for yourself. All the products are only available on Iman Cosmetics and sell out fairly quickly so grab the things that you want while they’re in stock.
Eye Con Kit

Coming Soon
Colourpop Cosmeticshad to scramble to ensure that this launch stayed under wraps, though those with Twitter accounts had the deets. Colourpop accidentally tweeted out their newest product, No Filter Stix, and a few fans managed to get screenshots before the brand removed the tweet. Colourpop then took to Instagram with a few swatches of the Stix, asking fans to guess. One “lucky” fan revealed the name and how she knew, causing chaos and Colourpop went Game of Thrones, saying “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”
Love this range!
Anyway, the No Filter Stix are part of the brand’s ultra popular No Filter collection that launched earlier this year. This new entry will be foundation sticks with a seemingly matte formula so if you have dry skin, make sure to use a hydrating primer before you do your face makeup. The No Filter Stix launch on October 18 at 10am PST.

Makeup Revolution’ssub-brand I Heart Revolution teased three new palettes with the most gorgeous and innovative packaging I have seen from MUR. The packaging looks to be a hard cover with liquid glitter enclosed with a hard plastic. Once you open the palette, you are greeted with stupendous colors coinciding with the colors of the glitter/packaging. There is no official launch date but we may be seeing these babies by the end of October.
That packaging tho!
Rude Cosmetics has several palettes in the works (as usual) but the brand decided to take us back to the summer with their upcoming Bikini Bottom palette, launching sometime this week. Bikini Bottom features 18 shades and the packaging is… interesting to say the least. All of the shimmer shades are quite beautiful and I personally can’t wait for this palette to be released! There is no official release date but stay tuned for updates!
Bikini Bottom
Beauty Creationsis joining the collaboration train but not with an influencer, choosing instead to honor their CEO with her own set of palettes. Esmeralda Hernandez created two palettes in her name, Esmeralda and Esmeralda II, which launch on October 24th. Each palette contains 15 shades and while the shades have been shown, there has not been a price given for the palettes. Guess we’ll just have to wait until October 24.
Esmeralda 1 (Top) Esmeralda 2 (Bottom)
Another Roundup finished! I have been impressed with Beauty Creations’ launches this month, so the Esmeralda palettes are on my haul list along with Barry M. I personally don’t care for the Revlon foundation but I would try it because it could be really good and I did see my shade. Oh and of course Iman Cosmetics is on my list to buy. Just hope I can grab the products before they sell out!

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Lippies, Collections, and Palettes, Oh My!

These indie and drugstore brands are pumping out these new releases like crazy… But I love it! The latest trend in the beauty industry are liquid eyeshadows,  which are either a hit or a miss depending on the brand. I feel like I am one of the few beauty bloggers who loves the idea of more liquid eyeshadows, especially if they are affordable. Let’s cut this intro short and delve into the launches!
Rude Cosmetics: This brand has been featured several times here on The Trendy Wallet, most prominently in the article about their new eyeshadow collections: Blackjack 21 and Metropolis. This time the brand is doubling down with two new products.

First up is the upcoming Glit & Glow Lip Glosses, consisting of six shimmery shades: Virgin Glow (silver), Feeling Naughty (ivory), Tease Me (fuchsia), Read My Lips (red), Pucker Up (reddish-brown), and Such a Flirt (dark gold). Each gloss retails for $5 and are available on Rude Cosmetics’ site.

Glit & Glow
Following the lip glosses are 13 shades of stunning liquid eyeshadows. The Star Party Liquid Eyeshadows are based on the galaxy (obviously) and cost $6 each. While all thirteen shades will definitely be included in my eyeshadow collection, the shade Solstice is the perfect shimmery purple that I have been looking for.
Star Party eyeshadows
Kara Beauty: An up-and-coming brand that I discovered via Instagram, Kara Beauty creates gorgeous eyeshadows while maintaining affordable prices. Their liquid lipsticks could honestly retail for more than the $5 that they currently cost. So what is Kara Beauty offering us this time? Well, none other than more liquid eyeshadows!
Galaxy Bomb
The Galaxy Bomb collection presents 11 shades of eyeshadows that are, at least in my opinion, similar to the KKW Beauty Ultralight Beams, but more affordable and more aesthetically pleasing. The Galaxy Bombs are $10 each and are only available on Kara Beauty’s site.

Wet N Wild: This drugstore favorite is no stranger to the blog and for good reason. Wet N Wild announced a surprise launch of three new shades in their MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Metallic lipsticks plus a new collection, Fantasy Makers.
The Fantasy Makers collection consists of 12 body crayons ($3 each), 9 loose pigments ($4 each), 7 face/body stencils ($2 each), 4 palettes ($6 each), 5 highlighting powders ($5 each), 5 glitter eyeshadow palettes ($4 each), 11 metallic liquid eyeliners ($4 each), 5 metallic lipsticks ($5 each), 5 mascaras (5 shades; $4 each), 4 face gems ($3 each), and several others. This collection is expansive and I got exhausted writing this list.
My “helpful” collage
The point is Wet n’ Wild spared no expense for this collection made for Halloween. Everything is under $10 (cue applause) and a myriad of options to choose in order to create your dream collection. From what I understand all of the products are available on Wet n’ Wild’s site but a few will be available in select stores. I’ll give an update when the stores are announced.
Flower Beauty: It seems that glitter is the black for Flower Beauty, given that their previous release was the Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir, a primer/moisturizer with a illuminating effect. Expanding on the glitter comes the new Warrior Glitter Shadows which are liquid eyeshadows with, you know, glitter. There are 6 shades and each retails for $10 on Flower Beauty.
Love the packaging!
Jcat Beauty: If you read the last launch article I mentioned that Jcat began teasing their newest products: 3 eyeshadow palettes. Well they finally gave the release date (September 17), the prices ($14 per palette) and shared swatches on Instagram. Now that the colors have been revealed, I have to give my honest opinion. I feel that these palettes are too similar. Only one palette’s color scheme matched its name while the other two shared similar neutral shades with little bursts of color.
Top: Majestic Galaxy; Left: Secret Paradise; Right: Fantasy Dreamland
The first palette, Secret Paradise, is mostly browns/neutrals with the shimmers providing pops of color.
Neutral but with pops of blue
Fantasy Dreamland follows suit with neutral and warm tones; reds, browns, and gold/light shimmers.

Warm-toned fantasy

The attention-grabbing palette for me was Majestic Galaxy because it seemed like the most well-rounded. There are an equal mix of warm and cool tones. The brown/tan shades are included but so were light shades like there were more colors to choose from.
Majestic palette
Colourpop Cosmetics: Last week we were introduced to the Back to School collection and this week Colourpop is officially welcoming the fall season with their aptly titled Fall Collection. Launched September 13, the Fall Collection features an eyeshadow palette (Good Sport; $16), 6 Lux lipsticks (Like a Snack; $36), a highlighting palette (Crush On You; $18), and 5 liquid eyeshadows (In Retrograde; $30).
Fall Collection featuring… leopard print?
You can purchase the entire collection for $100 or buy individual products online at Colourpop’s website.
Nyx Cosmetics: Approaching the new season with an interesting concept is Nyx Cosmetics, creating a collection based on steampunk. The Machinist Collection is limited edition and is split into three versions: Grind, Ignite, and Steam.

Each version has an eyeshadow palette ($25), lip lacquer ($7), highlighting duo ($12), and a lipstick ($8). Everything is sold individually, meaning you can mix and match the products (don’t mind if I do!). The Machinist Collection is available now on Nyx’s website.

I honestly can’t pick a favorite launch because each product has its own appeal. I am most intrigued by the liquid eyeshadows though. Tell me which brand created your favorite launch in the comments. Be sure to check out The Trendy Wallet on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest plus subscribe for more articles and other goodies.

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When You Can’t Keep Up

Whew! If you read the last Cosmetic Launch Roundup, I explained that I would be covering only the first week of September due to the few actual launches that occurred. This is a sort of follow up/spin-off of the regular Roundups so please bear with me. I’m trying to keep up but whew. There have several this week and it’s only Thursday… Anyway, let’s dive in!

Nyx Cosmetics surprised fans with a special collection called Shine+Slay, containing three products. The Brush on Bling Metallic Brow Gel is available in three shades: Ooo Wee (Pink), Shmoney (Gold), and Space Shoes (Silver). The brow gels are $8.50 each.

Brush On Bling
The second product, Duo Chromatic Illuminating Palette, is a highlighting palette with a color scheme that could be described as mythical. The palette costs $25 so if you like a colorful highlight, take a chance with the palette.
The last product in the collection is the Sheen Spirit Eye & Face Gloss. Admittedly I don’t understand this concept but it appears to be a highlighter and a sort of eyeshadow topper thing. I bet you’re intrigued so you can grab these glosses for $8.50 each. The collection is available on Nyx’s website.
Sheen Spirit
Makeup Geek released their Pumpkin Spice palette and this is definitely for fans of warm-toned palettes. The trick to this release lies in the fact that the Pumpkin Spice palette has been released before but has been upgraded for this year’s launch by two new and exclusive shades. The new shades are called Dreamsicle (matte peach) and Jack-O-Lantern (shimmery orange). If you get excited anything autumn-related, you can grab the palette for $35 (sale price) on Makeup Geek’s website.
Ready for Fall?
L.A Girl’s newest product is stain-resistant and smudge-proof. The Shockwave Neon Liners serve as both a lip liner and an eyeliner for colorful looks. There are 10 shades spanning almost every color in the rainbow (where’s orange?) plus a classic black liner. Best of all, each liner only costs $5 and are available on L.A Girl’s website and will launch in CVS stores soon.
RYGBIV + Black!
Bad Habit has released two palettes in their Luxe series, which are Pat McGrath dupes, and the third arrived on the Hush App on September 6. Cult Mystere is a dupe of the Mothership 1-Subliminal palette but Bad Habit claims that the inspiration for the palette came from Japanese culture. Whether you believe it’s a dupe or not, Mystere is available on the Hush app for $24.
Jcat Beauty released their face palettes on August 23 but aren’t slowing down as the brand announced 3 new eyeshadow palettes. Only the palette names have been exposed but Jcat asked their Instagram fans to guess the color scheme of each palette based on the names; I’m going to ask you to do the same in the comment section
Mysterious palettes
The three palettes are called Secret Paradise, Majestic Galaxy, and Fantasy Dreamland. Each palette contains 21 shades and I’m predicting the palettes will cost $16. Stay tuned for updates!
Milani hasn’t released anything since their highly-anticipated palettes back in July. We should have known that they were planning fantabulous products to be released during the holidays! Milani is teasing their new Halloween collection on Twitter and Instagram but in black/white pictures, meaning I don’t know if the swatches are for new lip product or eyeshadow toppers. Rest assured I will give an update when the product details are released but for now, look at the pictures and tell me your guess in the comment section!
I don’t even want to guess what this is
Colourpop Cosmetics. This brand never stops churning out new products. Last week it was the Back to School collection, the week before Jelly Eyeshadows. Launching tomorrow (September 7) is another collaboration with beauty Youtuber MakeupShayla in celebration of Virgo season and Shayla’s birthday! The collection is comprised of a lip bundle containing 3 shades (1 gloss, 2 mattes) and a makeup bag. Check out the collaboration on Colourpop’s website when it drops tomorrow at 10am PST.
Slay Day bundle

Makeup Revolution released their expanded Conceal and Define product line on Wednesday September 5 but have already begun teasing another palette. Some fans believe the pictured shades are for the annual Advent Calendar and holiday collection. We’ll have a short time to wait if Makeup Revolution sticks to their Wednesday launches.
New palette?
E.l.f Cosmetics is the most affordable brand to be mentioned on The Trendy Wallet (hello $2 eye primer!). I’m pleased to announce that the brand is finally giving us something new: the Opposites Attract eyeshadow palette. Opposites Attract has 18 shades with 9 being warm-toned, 9 cool-toned. You can grab one of these beauties on E.l.f’s website for $14.
Warm vs Cool tones

Did you get all of that? I mean, all of these launches, teasers, and upcoming holiday collections are just getting started and I’m already exhausted. Anyway, drop a comment with your guesses about the Jcat palettes or the Milani teaser. Check out The Trendy Wallet on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter and subscribe for updates.
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