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Recent Finds: Myali Beauty

I’m ecstatic to share an upcoming brand this week on recent finds. Usually brands have already launched before they are featured on these posts, but Myali Beauty has such stunning products and the launch date is right around the corner.

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Too Far? Or Not Far Enough?

So the current craze in the beauty industry is the Pizza palette by Glamlite Cosmetics. The indie brand took on a very unique concept of actually creating a palette shaped like a pizza and made complete with the cheese and sauce aesthetic as well.While I personally enjoy a unique concept, I am torn in my opinion of the palette.
Launched on December 12, the Pizza palette materialized from the love of pizza; most people enjoy pizza and if you don’t… I don’t want to know you (just kidding). Within 48 hours of its launch, the palette sold out with many orders still sitting in limbo, unlucky customers having to wait until a restock occurred.
There are 18 shades in the Pizza palette, each shade named after a popular topping; Ham, pineapple, bacon, and black olives, to name a few. The palette costs $40 but you can “get an extra large” (ha ha) for $55 to include to limited edition/PR box. A few of the shades caught my attention and I enjoy watching tutorials done with this palette, but I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on this trend.
2018 was filled with food-inspired makeup like the Tutti Frutti collection from Too Faced that littered many a timeline on Instagram but this Pizza palette from Glamlite is a unique way to end the year. I like the concept of the palette and the shades perfectly corresponds to each ingredient you’d see on an actual pizza. I personally can’t bring myself to buy a palette I would only use a couple times before moving on.
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*Photos are from Glamlite Cosmetics website*
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Cosmetic Launch Roundup: December 16-31, 2018

In the final stretch of 2018!! I am excited to see what is in store for 2019 but let’s finish 2018 with a bang. The launches from this past week and a few in the next two are tempting me but my wallet is cringing… Let’s talk makeup!
Beauty Creations revamped their Princess palettes, giving each “princess” new packaging and I must say that the palettes look much better than the original plain black packaging. I feel like the new covers suit each princess; with that in mind, Beauty Creations just launched their palette organizer for the princess palettes.
The Beauty and the Boss organizer costs $7 and fits four of the princess palettes. I am in love with the theme of the organizer since it has a fairy tale theme and the “table of content” is the names of each palette (example being Vol. 1 Ruby). You can grab any of the palettes or the organizer at Beauty Creations website.
Pinky Rose Cosmetics injected a little more holiday cheer into the hearts of their fans with 3 new palettes. Each palette contains 14 shades, costs $25 and has a unique concept. These palettes are also available in a bundle for $67 (score!).
Each palette’s design and overall theme was decided by each of the three sisters/co-owners. Obsessed has a vivid rainbow of colors for those “obsessed” with bright colors, designed by Gina Huerta. 80’s Baby, from Dahlila Huerta, features blues, reds, purples, and golds for glam looks. Exotic Peacock is the brainchild of Michelle Huerta and features jewel tones (my personal favorite of the three).
You can grab these beauties on Pinky Rose’s website.
80’s Baby


Exotic Peacock


BH Cosmetics collaborated with a beauty Youtuber whom I had never heard of but after seeing the palette she created, I am impressed. Sylvia Gani boasts 2.3 million subscribers on IG and received the honor of curating her own palette, so bravo! The palette contains 22 shades, with jewel tones and earthy shades taking center stage. The Sylvia Gani palette costs $24 and is available only on BH Cosmetics’ site.
Amor Us launched their Remember Me palette on December 18th and déjà vu struck me once I saw the palette. It reminds of BH Cosmetics’ Take Me Back to Brazil palette, but I actually like this packaging more. Something about Amor Us’ packaging makes their palettes super appealing. Anyway, the Remember Me palette features 32 shades and retails for $15. Grab the palette at Amor US’ site!
Physician’s Formula is finally in a roundup and I am thrilled about their new products. The brand is expanding its Murumuru line with two new eyeshadow palettes and 12 shades of lip creams. These products are available on Physician Formula’s site or at select CVS and Rite Aid stores.
The Murumuru Butter eyeshadow palettes cost $17 each and feature the same formula as the butter highlighters (a silky texture). One palette features jewel tones while the other seems to draw inspiration from the earth with its colors. The lip creams are $8 each and range from luscious red to a peachy nude color. Out of the twelve colors, I’d probably get 7. So color me impressed.
Milani jumped into the fray of releases with their new Amore Satin Matte lipsticks. The newest lippies in the Amore line are available in 12 shades and cost $9 each. Milani has the lippies available online at their website and plan to release the Satin lipsticks in stores beginning in 2019.
Colourpop is launching lip balms and scrubs on Wednesday, December 19th. There are six lip balms, all different flavors and three lip scrubs with a fruit scent to them. The lip balms are $6 each and the scrubs are $8 each. Grab these new lippies on December 19th on Colourpop’s site.
BH Cosmetics launched a “little sister” palette to their popular Zodiac collection! The Mini Zodiac: Capricorn palette is a miniature version of the zodiac palettes and contains 8 shades. The colors are nudes and neutrals which doesn’t really appeal to me but people are saying that the representative color for Capricorn is brown so…If you like these colors, by all means, grab the palette.
I love the palettes by Pinky Rose Cosmetics and the Satin Matte lippies by Milani are quite appealing. Which products caught your attention? Let me know which launch you’re considering purchasing and share this post with your fellow makeup addicts. Also, subscribe to The Trendy Wallet for more launches and other beauty articles; you can also check out my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest for additional makeup posts that don’t make it here on the blog.
Photo Credits:
Beauty Creations (website)
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Cosmetic Launch Roundup: December 1-15, 2018

Christmas is almost here! But it seems that some brands are ready to move into the new year early (*cough* Nyx! *cough). Some of these brands are skipping holiday products in favor of something fresh and unique while others are taking advantage of the holiday spirit. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this roundup of products for December.

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