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Recent Finds: Lurella Cosmetics

I went on Instagram to see the presents everyone received during Christmas and how my friends and followers spent Christmas, eventually venturing back to makeup when I noticed a relatively new indie brand. Lurella Cosmetics launched in March 2018 and while its social media presence is small, I predict it will double or even triple

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Recent Finds: W7, Moira, and Kaleido

Back again with more indie brands I recently discovered through Twitter and Instagram. W7 Cosmetics is purely an accidental find due to someone comparing a W7 palette to a Bad Habit Beauty palette. Then a follower of mine on Instagram shared a post of a palette from Moira Beauty and immediately intrigued by the quality

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Recent Finds: De’Lanci and Mellow Cosmetics

Instagram is fantastic for finding new brands, especially for makeup addicts. I regularly check my IG and recently found two new brands. De’Lanci and Mellow Cosmetics have different aesthetics but both share a common theme in providing what appear to be high-quality products for affordable prices. I have not tried products from either brand but

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