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My Skin Care Routine

For a flawless base to apply makeup on, you really need a solid skin care routine. It’s so much more than slathering on a cleanser and moisturizing. Some people use things like toners, serums, masks, etc. We’re going to talk about each step in my skin care routine and which products I use but don’t take my word that these products will also work for you. I have dry skin, so I use hydrating products. For my oily friends, I’ll have a post dedicated to normal to oily products later.


Daytime: I wash my face with a washcloth and water ONLY. The body produces natural oils at night that helps the skin “recover”. I learned this “hack” from a dermatologist.
Night: E.l.f Cosmetics Daily Face Cleanser is one of my favorite cleansers; I have been using it almost every night. Once I remove most of my makeup with wipes, I put a few dabs of cleanser on my face and either use my hand or a face brush to begin working the cleanser into my skin. Not only does the E.l.f cleanser remove the remaining makeup, my skin feels… free, if you will. In other words, I can tell that the cleanser did its job. This cleanser retails for $4!

Day and night, I use Formula 10.0.6 Thirst No More! Moisturizer. This product leaves my skin feeling hydrated for most of the day/night and actually helped keep my breakouts at bay. I bought mine at Ulta for $9.

Twice a week and usually at night comes the exfoliating part of my routine. Ever since I found out about Tree Hut Skincare Polishing Facial Scrub (Refining Rose), it has been essential to me. This scrub is contains jojoba which gently exfoliates and helps my skin slough off dead skin and deep cleans the pores. Then the added benefit of roses means that my skin doesn’t feel rough or irritated; instead it feels smooth and has no redness. You can either find the Facial Scrub at Ulta or you can purchase from Tree Hut’s website for $10.

There you have it! Some people use toners as well but I find that this simple routine is the best for my skin. Women in their 20’s and even 30’s should keep a few items in their repertoire while women in their 40’s and 50’s may want to include serums in their routines. Too many products can have a negative impact on your skin and sometimes less is more. Share your routine and/or favorite products below.

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Fourth Ray Beauty

August 23, 2018 marks the launch of Fourth Ray Beauty, the new “sister” brand of Colourpop Cosmetics. With the same budget-friendly mindset of Colourpop, Fourth Ray presents skin care products costing under $20.

All products
Fourth Ray Beauty creates all-natural skin care products and maintains a cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, phthalate-free, and synthetic fragrance free philosophy. A few of the ingredients are: Calamine (soothes irritation), Ginseng (tightens and illuminates the skin), Jojoba (moisturizes skin), and Meadowfoam Seed (detoxes the skin). All of the products have been tested by dermatologists and have been deemed safe for all skin types.
There are currently eleven items available; two bunny-shaped headbands (adorable!), cleansing oil, gel cleanser, cleansing cloths, scrunchies, hydrator, rose quartz roller, and a spot treatment. If you love to purchase bundles, there are two options. The Come Clean Cleansing Duo combines the cleansing oil and gel cleanser while costing $22. Or you could buy the full collection of skin care products for $54, which is a great deal especially if you take skin care seriously.
Cleansing Duo $22
Full Collection $54

Though this brand just launched, Fourth Ray has so much potential. Any brand that uses all natural ingredients and ensures affordable prices is welcome in my cosmetic collection. The Rose Quartz Roller seems like the most useful since it helps reduce puffiness, coming in handy for when I wake up. Which products from Fourth Ray catches your eye? Sound off in the comments.
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