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Goals for 2019!

Revamp my skin care routine and commit to it!
I haven’t been as serious about skin care as I should be but here’s to 2019 being the year I give my skin the care it deserves. There are a few brands I want to try and this is the year to branch out.

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You Better Not Pout…

It is officially December and you can start panicking now. Christmas is rapidly approaching, meaning holiday parties, traveling to see your family, or any type of social interaction will be prevalent for the month. Since there is a chance that you’ll be talking more during this month than any other month of the year, why not kick Blogmas 2018 off with an article on the best lip colors for the holidays?!

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Best Highlighting Shades for Your Skin Tone

Highlighters; you can either take ‘em or leave ‘em. I usually don’t wear it on a daily basis but I learned what shades worked for me so I wouldn’t look weird on those days that I do feel like highlighting my cheekbones. This “guide” presents the best shades that suit each skin tone so let me know if you agree (or have another shade) in the comments!

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Foundation For Newbies

Build Your Base
First, have a skin care routine tailored for your skin type. It’s important to have good skin/base for your facial makeup to work. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; a good cleanser and moisturizer works.
Philosophy: A Pure Start set

Formula Matters

Match the foundation’s formula to your skin type. If you have dry skin, liquid formulas work best. Powder formulas or a matte liquid foundation works for oily skin. 
Ulta Mineral powder foundation
Liquid foundation

Understand the Undertone
Know your undertone. Your undertone is the visible color under your skin, like red or yellow. If you have red or pink undertones, you are cool. If you have yellow or “peach” undertones, you are warm. Any other undertones are classified as neutral.

Matte vs Dewy? Matte foundations are perfect for oily skin while dewy foundations contain the hydration that dry skin needs. Semi-matte or satin formulas are for normal or combination skin types.
Maybelline Fit Me! Matte
L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow dewy foundation

Match, Matching, Matched!
Match the shade to your skin tone! I have seen so many people grab a “similar” shade to their skin tone but either end up too light or too dark. If you are having trouble, visit a makeup specialty store such as Ulta or Sephora. If you prefer to do it yourself, take three shades that are possible matches and swatch them on your jaw. If you can, use natural light to see which shade seems to “blend” in with your skin tone.

I struggled with understanding the basics of foundation before practicing and also asking friends or watching beauty gurus for tips. The most prominent tip is to match your skin tone otherwise you’ll look unnatural.

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Daytime Makeup Tips
Beginner-Friendly Eyeshadow Formula

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Daytime Makeup TIps

As most of us work or attend school during the day, makeup is usually simple or “au naturel”, with some people preferring mascara, foundation, and blush before speeding off to their responsibilities. Makeup doesn’t have to be “boring”; you just need to know how to play it safe. You don’t have to compromise color at all, just be discreet.

Tip 1: Keep it simple!
I have seen women who have either contoured or highlighted way too much for morning hours that it wasn’t very appealing. Then there are those eyeliner fanatics who produced the dreaded “racoon eyes.” The best advice I received for my makeup for school/work is to use little amounts of foundation, concealer, and blush. Or you could use a BB cream for lighter coverage.
Dream Fresh BB Cream

Tip 2: Bright or nude lips
Not too bright, mind you but shades like Coquetteby Covergirl is a subtle shade perfect for work. If you don’t like bright lipstick/gloss, you can always opt for nude shades. BH Cosmetics’ Liquid Linen in the shade Natalieis a beautiful nude color.

Tip 3: Save the false lashes for later
Mascara works for any time of the day but while the sun is up, keep it minimal. I’d say use two layers, but leave the false lashes in the drawers until you are done with whatever you do in a day. Wet n’ Wild or Maybelline mascaras are some of my favorites.
Total Temptation Washable Mascara

Tip 4: Neutral eyes
It’s probably not a good idea to create a sultry smoky eye look for work. Same goes for bold winged eyeliner. Opt for neutral eyeshadow shades with a tiny hint of color (I refuse to have a boring eye look) and if you must do eyeliner, stick with lining the upper lash line with a tiny wing or cat eye. BH Cosmetics has good quality neutral palettes with pops of color.
Blushed Neutrals Eyes and Blush palette

These are just a few tips that I have heard and use daily. You don’t have to create a dull makeup look but just tone it down compared to what you do for an evening look or what you’ve seen on Instagram. After all, makeup is an art form and is subjective.
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BH Cosmetics (website)
Maybelline (website)
Covergirl (website)

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Beginner-friendly Eyeshadow Formulas

Not everyone has the finesse of blending eyeshadows like our favorite beauty gurus (myself included). It takes time to learn the right blending techniques and thankfully there are some shadows that work better for beginners. Today we’re covering the three best beginner-friendly eyeshadow formulas and how they work.

Powder eyeshadows are the most common and also the easiest formula for beginners to work with. These are also used mostly for palettes; think of your favorite palette and more than likely it’s a powder, regardless of being matte or shimmer. Beginners can blend this formula with relatively no problems; just be careful not to rub the shadow on your eyelids with your fingers as you can cause sagging and lines to appear. Always use a brush to pack on the shadow before blending.
Pretty Much palette (Colourpop)

Liquid eyeshadows are also easy to apply but should only be used after you have the powder shadows blended to your satisfaction. You can either apply liquid eyeshadows with the wand or use a brush to pack on the amount you want. Some people also utilize liquid eyeshadows as eyeliner. Either way you use it, just make sure you apply the liquid quickly as it does dry within a short amount of time.

Stick/Crayon eyeshadows is beginner-friendly because they resemble a thick crayon. This formula is long lasting, up to 24 hours of use. Simply apply the shadow to the desired part of your eye and blend either with you fingers or a brush. I personally use this type as a liner for my lower lash line or to create a halo eye. Maybelline is a brand with great stick shadows.
ColorTattoo Crayon (Maybelline)

Which of the three is your favorite eyeshadow formula? For absolute beginners I recommend sticking to powder shadows but again, all three are beginner-friendly.
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