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Holiday Haul (Part 2)

The rest of the makeup I ordered during the holidays finally arrived! If you haven’t read about the first part of my haul, click here. On to the makeup.

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I’m a Glitter Girl

In a glitter world! I know that I made up those lyrics to the “Barbie Girl” song but I think it applies here. Glitter has a way of making people feel better (at least for me it does). Unfortunately, I can’t use as much glitter as I’d like because my two-year-old son runs throughout the house getting into everything… But on those rare occasions when he’s quietly watching cartoons or napping, I pull out some of my favorite cosmetic glitters. I was browsing one of my favorite indie brands and realized how much I’ve been wanting to get more pigments and glitters from Lycheexo.

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Musically-Inclined Makeup

Two things I love have been joined together by Makeup Revolution. If you didn’t know, Makeup Revolution is essentially made up of four “brands”; I Heart Revolution, Revolution, Obsession, and Revolution Pro. Of the four, I Heart Revolution has steadily released products throughout the summer, mainly their bestselling Chocolate Palettes. This time the brand collaborated with the legendary music company Now Music to create three palettes based on some of the best decades for music: the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.

Each palette’s packaging is reminiscent of a CD cover (remember those?) and the shades are arranged to resemble decibels from music recordings. The colors also show off the theme of the palette.

The 80’s was known for big hair, “crazy fashion”, and bold colors; the palette contains a range of vibrant shades, from blue to green and purple to red.

MTV vibes
90’s music became portable through the Walkman and neutral makeup and smoky eyes became the makeup trend. The palette serves up the neutrals while injecting bursts of purples and pinks for some color.
Subtle shades
Pop vibes
The 00’s brought us the iPod and mp3 files, making music accessible anywhere. Makeup was fairly simple, with lip gloss being a staple in many makeup bags and monochromatic. Revolution decided to keep this palette simple, with yellows, oranges, and browns, for a more neutral and “earthy” palette.

Love the bronze
R&B vibes

Each palette costs $15 and are available on Makeup Revolution’s site.
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Another Day, Another Collaboration

All of these collaborations are too much. There, I said it. I love seeing smaller influencers gain exposure but goodness gracious! There has been so many collaborations within the past few months and I’m tired of seeing influencers create similar looking eyeshadow palettes and highlighters. Give me variety! Show me a unique concept! Is it too much to ask?

In the last article I discussed a few releases from this week and the upcoming launches that are being teased via social media. Makeup Revolution posted a picture on Instagram of several eyeshadow shades, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the new palette. Imagine the surprise when MUR dropped yet another collaboration with no real warning and earlier than their usual Wednesday launches. This time the brand collaborated with an influencer from the Czech Republic named Petra Vancurová.
A little background on Petra: She is a beauty Youtuber (petralovelyhair) with a modest following of 236k subscribers. All of her videos are in her native language, with her first English-language video being released today (September 7th) on Revolution’s Youtube channel. I had never heard of her before but this is why I love Makeup Revolution; they are always looking for new influencers to work with, effectively helping them gain recognition.
Petra created a stunning eyeshadow palette that is different from the other collaborations released by MUR. She finally gave the shade range I’ve been waiting for all summer. In my honest opinion, a few of the colors in Petra’s palette are similar to the new Opposites Attract palette that E.l.f Cosmetics just launched but with subtle differences. Nonetheless, this newest collaboration with Petra has a unique aspect to it; the palette is double-sided.
The palette was conveniently designed to have both cool and warm tones in the same palette. Interestingly, all of the colors stand out to me, which is rare. I will buy the palette because I do like the concept of a double-sided palette, I like the color scheme, and it will be great for travel. You can grab the Makeup Revolution x Petra palette on their website for $17.
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Cosmetic Launch Roundup: September 1-6, 2018

Curling up with a book as rain pelts the window, a fire roaring in the fireplace, and an apple cinnamon candle burning in the background, the smell permeating through the room. Autumn is right around the corner, meaning colder weather (insert crying face emoji here). However, there are many things to look forward to, such as the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” from Starbucks or Halloween.
Prepare to spice up the season with a few colors that are perfect for the changes in nature; plum, burgundy, grey, forest/olive greens, and more. While spring/summer exuded warm tone palettes and highlighters, autumn presents the chance to tone it down somewhat with more earthy and subdued tones.
With an image of all that autumn brings, here are the releases for the first two weeks of September.

Makeup Geek intends to fully embrace autumn with their gorgeous new eyeshadows. Four splendid shades, each with a dynamic pop to them. Warm copper, tantalizing teal, soft beige, and a smoky brown round out the newest shades to the realm of Makeup Geek’s shadows (there are over 135 shades total). Retailing for $6 each, these shadows are affordable and a staple in any magnetic palette you customize. Available at Makeup Geek’s website.

Apple Spice

Autumn Breeze

BH Cosmetics launched their new White Marble brush set on August 29th and they are stunning! If you are an avid watcher of home improvement shows and love the idea of marble countertops, you understand what the brushes look like. BH Cosmetics is known for bringing their A-game with their brush sets and the White Marble set is no different. There are nine brushes along with the angled brush holder; four face brushes and five eye brushes. The set costs $25 and is only available online.

Colourpop Cosmetics knows how to kick off the school year with pizzazz. Announcing their Back to School collection, Colourpop also donated backpacks and school supplies to a women and children’s shelter in Los Angeles. The collection launched on Thursday Aug 30th during the *Labor Day sale* and includes:

Study Buddy super shock eyeshadow set ($25), Knew Idea lippie stix kit ($25), Back @ It and Extra Attention ultra-matte lip kit ($20 each), OTW ultra-metallic lip set ($20). You also purchase the entire collection for $110. (*All listed prices are the discounted prices during the sale*)

If something catches your eye, quickly snatch it up on Colourpop’s website; it’s almost guaranteed that these products will sell out within a few days.

Back to School/Work

Barry M goes mythological with their new Unicorn Primer Drops! The new primer contains all-natural ingredients including acai berries. The drops appear pink as you apply them but blends flawlessly into the skin, with brightening, hydrating, and detoxifying effects for the skin. The primer is available on Barry M’s website and retail for $10.40 USD.

Geek Chic Cosmetics is switching things up with Star Jellies. These new lip glosses are available in 4 shades with added moisturizer ingredients (rosehip oil and pomegranate seed oil). Best of all, these new glosses will set you back only $8 for each shade! Only available online.
Surrender to My Will

Honey Bunny
Fashion Club
All four glosses
Jcat Beauty expanded two of their popular products. The Pris-Metal Chrome Eye Mousses gained 18 more shades, with even more pigment and vivid color range. These mousses retail for $6 each.
Then Jcat expressed more creativity with the three new shades of the You Glow Girl baked highlighters. Moon and Back is a light bronze, Mermaid Skin is a muted green, and Unicorn fave is a bubblegum pink. Each baked highlighter is $9.
Moon and Back
Mermaid Skin

Unicorn Fave

Catrice Cosmetics is finally releasing more shades of their best selling HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. The foundation range had been lacking, with 4 shades catering to fair skin tones. Many fans of the brand with tan to deep skin tones are excitedly counting down the days (myself included). The foundation retails for $11 and the new shades make their debut on September 4!

An original, light shade
Makeup Revolution is launching two new products! The best-selling Conceal & Define concealer is getting a reboot. The brand announced via Twitter on August 28th that they would be releasing the Super-Size version of the concealer due to popular demand.

As if that wasn’t enough to get fans hyped for autumn, MUR announced their Full Coverage Conceal & Define foundation. Fans are understandably excited as Makeup Revolution has had success with their Fast Base foundation sticks so the hype surrounding this launch is palpable. Mark your calendars for September 5th!
Foundation in the center; Super Size concealer to the right

Flower Beauty seeks to transport us into the galaxy with their new Supernova Celestial Skin Elixir. This vegan product helps brighten, smooth, prime, and hydrate the skin while giving ethereal vibes. For those that like illuminating primers, this is a product to anticipate. The elixir will officially launch on September 4th on Flower Beauty’s website but it is already online at Ulta for $16.
Supernova Elixir
So many products in the first few days of September but this roundup covers only the first week. There will be another launch article for the second week of September before we go back to the original format used for the cosmetic launch roundups.

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Fourth Ray Beauty

August 23, 2018 marks the launch of Fourth Ray Beauty, the new “sister” brand of Colourpop Cosmetics. With the same budget-friendly mindset of Colourpop, Fourth Ray presents skin care products costing under $20.

All products
Fourth Ray Beauty creates all-natural skin care products and maintains a cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, phthalate-free, and synthetic fragrance free philosophy. A few of the ingredients are: Calamine (soothes irritation), Ginseng (tightens and illuminates the skin), Jojoba (moisturizes skin), and Meadowfoam Seed (detoxes the skin). All of the products have been tested by dermatologists and have been deemed safe for all skin types.
There are currently eleven items available; two bunny-shaped headbands (adorable!), cleansing oil, gel cleanser, cleansing cloths, scrunchies, hydrator, rose quartz roller, and a spot treatment. If you love to purchase bundles, there are two options. The Come Clean Cleansing Duo combines the cleansing oil and gel cleanser while costing $22. Or you could buy the full collection of skin care products for $54, which is a great deal especially if you take skin care seriously.
Cleansing Duo $22
Full Collection $54

Though this brand just launched, Fourth Ray has so much potential. Any brand that uses all natural ingredients and ensures affordable prices is welcome in my cosmetic collection. The Rose Quartz Roller seems like the most useful since it helps reduce puffiness, coming in handy for when I wake up. Which products from Fourth Ray catches your eye? Sound off in the comments.
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Do You "JOAH?"

The fact is that the Korean beauty industry has exploded with popularity in Western countries. More brands and stores are stocking their shelves with Korean skin care products. While most stores are capitalizing on the skin care aspect of Korean beauty trends, Joah Beauty encapsulates all that is Korean beauty, created a great range of face, eye, and lip products, and has graced us with being affordable.

Birthday Suit eyeshadow palette $10

The Korean word for like/I like it is “좋아” or “joha”, however to make it easier for people to recognize and pronounce correctly, the brand romanizes the Hangul to JOAH. Created in collaboration with CVS and popular brand KISS, JOAH Beauty officially launched in early June online and finally began to pop up in CVS stores in July. It makes sense that CVS would carry the line; the store chain currently has the largest selection of K-beauty products in the United States. The brand will be available in 4,000 stores by September 2018.

JOAH Beauty provides an assortment of products for natural makeup looks. Foundations, concealers, liquid lipsticks, eyeshadow, and brushes are just a few of the products. There are an estimated 158 products currently available and we can be prepared for more. For a brand that just launched, JOAH has done well to ensure that every race is represented in their shade ranges and on their promotional content. This is part of what drew me to the brand.
Truly Yours foundation (Toffee)
I recommend that you start with the Truly Yours foundation (if you can find your shade). There are eight shades currently, from ivory to toffee, but the range could expand eventually. The lightweight coverage is great for this summer weather and for $9, it is super affordable and compares to other drugstore brands like Maybelline. 
The packaging is charming and features what appears to be the brand’s choice of color, green. All of products are under $15 so when you find JOAH in your local CVS, I would definitely stock up as the brand gains popularity. It is exclusive to CVS and is currently only available in the US; if the brand is not available in your local CVS, you can also order the products online.
Wat-a-matte Liquid Lipstick (Sangria)
Tell me your thoughts about JOAH or the entire K-beauty industry in the comment section. I’m glad that there is a brand that has moved past the skin care part of K-beauty and has focused on full face cosmetics like foundation and eyeshadows.
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Sleek Makeup’s E10 Palette Review

If you haven’t heard of Sleek Makeup, you have been missing out. I have previously discussed this British brand and my love for their eyeshadow palettes. I have tried the Beautiful Sin palette and, during my last Ulta visit, I picked up the E10 palette. Side note: the brand is also available online at Target and Walgreens.


Love these shades

The E10 palette is composed of eleven shimmer shades and one matte black shade to help create smoky-eye looks. There is an assortment of shades with warm tones like pink, peach, and yellows as well as cool tones of blue and green. I love palettes with both warm and cool tones so I was eager to test the palette out. Based on first impressions, the forest green shade really stood out to me.
All of the shades are nicely pigmented and most swatched quite well. As I swatched some of the shades, there were a couple shades that had fallout (mostly the red/copper shade) but it was minimal, and I simply fanned the extra product away.
First swatches
Most of the colors applied great but I noticed that the lighter colors like the yellow/gold, pink, and peach shades were a little “difficult”, so I tried a little spray, redid those colors and the swatches looked much better. I would recommend using a fixing spray on your brush before applying those shades to your eyes.
Full shade range swatches
The eyeshadows were easy to apply on the eyelid and I absolutely loved how pigmented they looked. There was a one-swipe intensity to the palette and the colors were buildable. There was minimal fallout as I applied each color so just make sure to wipe under your eyes to remove the potential fallout once you have completed the look. 
Wearing the midnight blue on my lid and the yellow/gold in the crease
For $13 I feel that this palette is worth it. The shades are quite pigmented and were easy to work with on the eye. The only cons were minimal fallout and the lighter shades will need a little spray to get the best use. I love the E10 palette and I can see myself using it quite often. If you are someone who prefers matte shades, perhaps you should try another palette but if you love shimmer shades, this palette is a must.
Have you ever tried Sleek Makeup and if you have, what products do you like? I’m always looking for makeup recommendations and would welcome any suggestions. If you liked this review and would like to see more from The Trendy Wallet, please subscribe and also follow via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.
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