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Influencer of the Week: Kolorful Kalmele

This week’s influencer is someone with a small following but creates quality content. Kolorful Kalmele is a Youtuber with decent views for her videos though she deserves a lot more credit for her talent and honesty. Beyond tutorials, Kalmele gives a no-holds-barred review of palettes; for example, she discussed the lack of pigmentation of one

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Influencer of the Week: Hollife

Kicking off the newest series here on The Trendy Wallet is British beauty youtuber Holly Robinson a.k.a Hollife (pronounced like holl-a-fay). Boasting 4.8k followers on her channel, Holly creates videos in which she reviews products, does  clothing and makeup hauls, and a couple organization videos. There are some “serious” videos, such as the video in

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